Francisco Sousa

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About me

I've been making a living out of web development since my first year of college. Currently, I'm a full-stack developer at Aurora. While focusing on Rails and React, I'm comfortable using (and often seek out) other well made, open source tech.

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I've been a web developer for the last 4 years. I have worked with Java and Spring, Elixir and Phoenix, Javascript with Express and Next. I'm perfectly comfortable with Front-end, Back-end, DevOps and Sysadmin work.

My personal favorites are Ruby on Rails with React and also Gatsby. I use them in my day-to-day, unless there's a clear, more adequate technology for the project at hand.

You can check some of my open source projects GitHub, and some charitable web development me and a few others are doing for include #<braga>.


Some of my stuff I've been doing for volunteering and freelancing.